Petteri Elo

An expert in combining theory and practice

Petteri is an educator from Finland. He has an extensive career in teaching, training and hands-on pedagogical and curriculum development. He turns his innovative and experimental practices with his students into engaging and thought provoking training concepts for educators worldwide.

As a trainer and consultant Petteri has been praised for his passion, energy and expertise on issues such as curriculum development/implementation and innovative pedagogy from various viewpoints. Petteri’s way of combining theory and practice brings life to the key goals of the 21st century education.

“I live and breathe education. My own classroom is my learning/testing lab where I experiment with innovative, student-centered pedagogy and create new training concepts. Along with Finland, I also operate abroad, especially in the US.  I work with individual schools and whole school districts driving towards powerful pedagogical change that will ultimately enhance the learning of our students. If this very organic approach to PD intrigues you, please don’t hesitate to contact me.”